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Project Description
Basic Interpetter written for .NET Micro Framework 3.0

Welcome at the MFBasic project page. MFBasic is a basic interpetter written in C#. It is targeted at .NET Micro Framework but with some modifications it should be possible
to use it for .NET Compact and desktop frameworks.

It's based on uBasic ( but it's completely rewritten to be more modular and support more features.

Some of the supported features:
  • Line numbers of QBasic like labels
  • Custom variable names (Variables ending with $ are string variables others are considered floating point)
  • Easy to create custom functions
  • Basic sourcecode is precompiled to run faster

MFBasic is in alpha state right now.. I'm currently working on a State storage to store and restore current running state. Also I will add more functions and hopefully implement arrays

To see a demo of an MFBasic application see Demo Application 1

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